Tuesday, February 27, 2007


How far would you go for ultimate power? If you had it what would you do to protect it? This story takes place from two perspectives. The first perspective is from an economist, named Joseph Stemme who just published his first book on the role of globalism in third-world nations and his invitation to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The second perspective comes from Richard Hastings president of the CFR.

As it turns out the CFR, especially the president and chairmen have extensive influence in foreign diplomacy, and hence power. As Joseph is initiated into the CFR and begins to see how things are run at the 58 East 68th St head-courters of the CFR he begins to want the power of the presidency of the CFR.

Watching Joseph grow in popularity and gain influence amongst members of the CFR Richard begins to doubt he made the right choice in choosing him to join. Joseph does not exactly follow the same political beliefs as Richard does and he does not seem to be quite as malleable as he had thought. Forcing Joseph out of the CFR at this point though is not possible because it would arouse too much suspicion as to the actual intention of the CFR, which is complete control of US politics.

Scandals from the Kennedy assassination to the Iraq war would be covered and how the the CFR was involved in each.

A third perspective is occasionally thrown into the series to show the historical growth of the CFR:

The Council was originally formed in 1919, headed by John Davis, at the meetings of the Paris Peace Conference to persuade President Woodrow Willson and Prime Minister Loyd George to sign treaties and delegate land after WWI in such a way as to make the USA and UK far more powerful than before as well as to set the Council up as the most influential political think-tank in the United States. Upon returning to the US John Davis officially formed the Council on Foreign Relations with the help of Elihu Root and his group of international lawyers.

The CFR is capable of turning political nobodies into high ranking members of congress. They are responsible for the election of every single president since Woodrow Wilson, i.e. rallied behind and supported the candidates and used their power to help elect them, or steal the election for them.

The roots of this organization go even further back to the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templars, and the Priory of Sion--groups that use religious indoctrination and class segregation to maintain their own power over the masses.

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