Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Expansion of 'Infinity'

If each universe, of an infinite set of universes, has a set of physical laws that are dictated by and specific to that particular universe then can a God bypass those laws?

In short, no. Though the God, be it a good God or a bad God, can choose the outcome of a particular event that is typically a random, probabilistic event. Example: As all undergraduate physics students learn, light (and matter actually) acts both as a wave and as a particle. This is demonstrated by an experiment called a two slit experiment in which a single photon of light is aimed at a wall with two narrow slits cut in it. Somehow the photon is capable of passing through both the slits at the same time, which causes it to sometimes interfere with itself so that it can not be seen in some places and sometimes amplifying its likelihood of being seen in other places--similar to how waves of water behave when two waves collide, if the crests of two waves come together they get bigger but if a crest and trough come together they cancel out. However, in the end the photon is never found in more than one place leading to the idea that it is a particle.

Where the particle of light lands is determined by probability and the probability is determined by all the possible paths that the photon could have taken. In this experiment there are two slits that the photon could have passed through so the path through each slit must be taken into account for determining the probability for where the particle eventually will be seen, but it is still probability; one can never predict with 100% precision exactly where the photon will be. Except the Gods. They can, in fact, make the decision as to where exactly a particle will land (except they can never pick a spot that the physical laws dictate is impossible, such as where the light cancels itself out). Change enough small events, such as particle placement and interactions, and large catastrophes can happen. An example is God striking you down with lightning for not believing in Him/Her. He/She does this by choosing for the interaction of a high-energy helium nucleus, discharged from the sun, with another atom in the atmosphere causing electrons to be ejected all around, which then leads to bolt of lightning, which is then directed by the God to strike someone down.

How does one become a God? Learn the physical laws of all the universes to such a great extent as to be able to communicate with the higher order Gods (those Gods that place a good God and a bad God in each universe). Then one must convince those Gods that you are worthy of being a God in your own specific universe.

This man turned God can be a physicist that learns how to communicate with other universes and slowly gains insight into how all existence is structured. Alien cultures are learned about; Strange universes with completely bizarre physical laws such that there are creatures that see in the fourth dimension only are found; Finally man becomes God.


heather said...

this is awesome. Seriously. I don't have time now to comment fully on it right now, but I have about forty-five minutes worth of shit to write.

heather said...

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