Saturday, February 24, 2007


into gods in charge of our own universes. Each universe is assigned one good god and one bad god, essentially God and Satan. Except, a rift has occurred. All of the universes are threatened because one universe was assigned two bad gods. The entire planet is overwhelmed with evil it begins spreading. Only one man can stop it. He lives on one of the many universes, infinite universes. He must become a god in order to save the fate of the universes. He will eventually become a god, he just has to do it sooner than everyone expected. Why him? Maybe he’s a baggage handler. I don’t know why. The universes are governed by laws beyond even god’s control. He was picked seemingly at random, but it must be for a reason. The reason? It couldn’t have been anyone but him. Life is a series of moments leading to moments, leading to moments. God can guide the moments, but he by no means creates them. Life is an ebb and flow of energy and god is basically the supervisor on the job, making sure nothing gets too out of control. The bad god is on the other side trying to ensure that things do get out of control.

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