Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Infinity expanded again

The phycisist has stumbled upon a light quark anomaly that leads him to discover alternate universes. He inadvertantely manages to change, from his labratory, the course of events in universe X. He attracts the attention of the Gods. But, I'm thinking that the higher chain of beings should not be Gods. I think we should go for more of a matrix kind of theme where the theme of the story is scientific and moral in nature and not religious. I realize that a strong case can be made for the whole NEO/Christ correlation, but I think we should stray away from the God angle. But here's the thing: would this be a movie that people want to watch? Is it too ethereal, too far a stretch of people's imagination? I was thinking about this, and I don't think it is. Either of you ever heard of the movie "The Fountain"? It's this totally bizarre, time-tripping odyssey that follows two people from ancient times to many, many years in the future. The movie stretches reality, and people's basic trust in the Movies not to betray those realistic boundaries, but it's a good example of big budget studios taking a chance on a very "out there" screenplay.

Anyway, so at this point, let's just stick with calling the higher beings Gods and let's also assume that each universe is assigned a Good God and a Bad God. This yin and yang of morality somehow keeps the universe in check. But this physicist has thrown that out of wack when he somehow makes it so one universe is assigned two evil gods. He must fix the issue. I don't know why and I don't know how, but somehow he is put in charge of fixing this issue. And this could get really "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" hokey here, but I think we should go more for Ender's game or something like that.

Here's the tentative breakdown: first ten minutes: we see a flash of light shoot halfway across the screen and we enter that flash and visit an alternate universe. At the end of that ten minutes, we pull out of the flash and we see that it is a particle of light travelling across a vacuumed space and there is a scientist that has obviously seen what we have just seen. He's amazed

The next half hour is the scientist, his life, his research, his criticism (this is sounding suspiciously like the movie "Contact") and now he is a man possessed with this alternate universe that he saw. Now here's the crutch. They say that every experiment that is being observed is subtly changed. Of course the problem is, how can you do any experiment without observing it. But anyway, when the scientist observes the universe, he changes the universe, subtley. The change is an evil god assigned twice to the universe.

Now, we're at minute number forty. The scientist is reached by the good god and bad god of his own universe. the present the problem to him. He has to solve it. The next forty minutes are his attempts to right his wrong. I have no idea what this will look like. Will he do it from his lab? Will he travel to these other universes? I don't know.

There is a twist. When a new candidate for a new god for a new universe is nominated, he or she is thrown into this scenario. The choice of whether they will be a good or bad god depends on their reaction to this event. Is that a good twist?

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Andrew said...

I saw the Fountain. It was really good, and what made it even more appealing was that no computer special effects were used. All the stars, the tree in the bubble, etc were all made with conventional camera work. The ambiguous time line was a little strange but so was the movie so it worked.